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Plan your next move with haul.itco “We’re moving people to new places.
We are IKEA savvy

Call Dave at 425-351-6548

-Safe Zone Always-



WE ARE AVAILABLE DAILY UNTIL 10:00 P.M. but can be specially booked for late moves. Just ask.

“10 years of moving experience, you bet your belongings are safe when we are doing the moving!”
Also we are Tetris savvy when we load your household into pods and trucks, tight and correctly every time. We maximize with the space provided.

And always free assembly of beds and shelf units etc.

Ask about our custom crate building for shipments/ plywood crates for flat screen TV’s etc.

Hello we are 2 experienced movers
We are booking moving jobs for all
of this week and the weekend.
We charge $40.00hr. PER MOVER. (Labor rate)
With no additional fees or charges. (10 hr. maximum for 1 day)
3 moving laborers are $110.00/hr. if you need a third hand for your move job?
New: If you are second or 3rd story with no elevator then the rate is $45.00 per hour per mover.
New: There is a $20.00 gas mileage stipend.
WE ARE MOVING LABOR, you now have 4 options with our service:
No household goods truck hauling is offered by us, only labor such as inter-apartment moves (labor), loading and unloading trucks and pods as labor.
1. You rent your own moving truck and hire us at our hourly rate (most popular)
2. You may hire us exclusively for in house moving. We have a lot of experience in moving furniture. We do in house moving, even very heavy objects.
around in homes for remodels etc. We can move heavy objects like pianos and hutches.
3. Inter-apartment complex moves (labor), loading and unloading trucks and pods as labor.
4. Office moves, we can take apart computer systems and cubicles and put them back together. We can also assemble new storage cabinets, desks etc.

Call us with any questions and with the date
and details of your move. Please give a good
contact number and we will contact
you if we need to.
We now use windows of time for our eta, such as between 10:00 A.M. and 11:00 A.M., not precise times. This is due to traffic situations and unplanned for extra work at other job sites.

*We now have our own appliance dolly

*Cordless drill and a tools box

*3 upright dolly’s total plus a furniture dolly

Our Motto: “Save your back, use ours”
also “man invented the wheel” so let’s use them…
Call Dave at 425-351-6548 for more info or to schedule a move.
By our new policy we will be taking calls until 12:00 midnight for your convenience.

*loading and unloading trucks or pods

*High stress on safety and just being careful

*We are retirement home and adult care facility friendly. We have movers on staff who have specialized in moving in the adult care environment.
New: I have more cleaning ladies

*Post move by DeNena: She does clean-up, sweep up, clean tub, toilet, wash walls etc. and 2 house cleaners are available. Ask for details.

*Packing help: Box items and tape up boxes by DeNena. Ask for details.

*We know how to assemble tanning beds. Caution that is you buy one for your home that you will probably have to pre select a permanent location and have an electrician install the correct electrical outlet for it. They do not use a standard 120V outlet. They draw a lot of juice which can heat up the kind of household wiring so it all has to be approved by an electrician first.

*Parking in Seattle is no picnic! Parking on the city streets for loading and unloading: If you are planning to use a Seattle city street especially downtown for your load or unload then you need to first contact Seattle City Hall and tell them where you want to park, when and for how long? Yes you need a permit for all except alleys and private property.
New: If you are being evicted and you have minor children then I recommend that you call Catholic Services at: 100 23rd Avenue South Seattle (206) 323-6336

New: BOXES, If you are doing a Seattle local move we now recommend box delivery. They are tough plastic tote rentals. They drop off and pick up.
New: If you are looking for ways to cushion the floor of the truck beneath your load, then I recommend heavy paper towel rolls. The biggest, fattest ones work great. Such as the Brawny Extra Absorbent etc.
New: HOURLY, If you are moving to or from the 3rd floor with no elevator then we are charging $40.00 per mover per hour.
*Need boxes? We can suggest where you can obtain free boxes, also just check the CL free ads especially
mornings. People are giving away moving blankets and used moving boxes every day, you just need to
pick them up. (This is one of our best tips to give out) Also The Home Depot has them for .97 cents each right now.
*New: If you have used borite in your packing and/or carpet rolls you must tell us in advance. We may refuse the work on the spot otherwise.
*If you are renting a storage space you should look at the ceiling for chicken wire, some places have it. There have been a lot of break ins in those units lately. Thieves have been crawling around through the rafters with a flashlight at night, casing other peoples storage units and then they just cut the chicken wire to gain access to what they want to steal.

*New: If you are outside of our advertised area you may be charged an additional fee for travel and/or gas. Also discretionary.

*New: If your box spring will not fit down your hallway we now offer to cut it in half for a charge.
You can then cover it up with a mattress cover and you will not notice it.
For Flat Screen T.V.’s: Wrap them in blankets and ask us to bring one sheet of plywood and we can then stretch wrap the plywood to the front of the covered HDTV screen. This method is cheaper than a crate. I have a saw and I can cut the sheet of plywood to size.

Crates: We can build custom crates for your shipments. Recently I have crated a chandelier and a 50,000.00 motor cycle for overseas shipment.
*New: We will help you move upright pianos and baby grand pianos and we have good references.

*New: We can haul heavy gun safes, load them onto and off of moving vans. Up to 1,200 lbs.

*We now have a carpenter who can build custom stacking racks in your storage unit. Why waste all of that ceiling space in the bigger units? Have a multi tear custom stacking rack built and increase your storage units storage capacity. This works for people who have long term storage units.

*For long distance moves we now recommend ABF in Kent
Stan 253-854-0330, trucking or pod delivery
Checklist to review with the movers if they are loading your truck:

Do you have an elevator there? If not the let me know what steps are involved.

All boxes are taped up tight, top and bottom? And marked fragile if they are?

Did you rent a least 12 moving pads? I always prefer 2 dozen. If not then be sure to do so. You can rent them at the time that the truck is rented.

Did you purchase 50′-150′ ft. of 1/2 inch nylon rope? If not you can buy it in 50′ ft. lengths at the hardware store or most major drug stores.

Do you want anything stretch-wrapped like the bed mattress and/or box spring? If so you can buy your own roll or we can sell you some. Did you buy mattress protectors?

Do I need tools to take any beds etc. apart? Let me know, we have tools to take the beds apart.

KEYWORDS: ABF, Uhaul, Container, POD, moving,local,cross country,labor, single item storage

-Now with GPS and live Internet on board our truck-
Storage idea: Recently we did a move for a couple who were using Costco steel racks on wheels. I don’t know the brand but they came from Costco and they were great. All of their boxes fit into them and they could move them around and access them very easily.

-We have discovered who IKEA has beaten in furniture construction and that is Best Buy. We will not be liable for any damage to Best Buy compressed paper designed furniture from now on. Even IKEA is questionable…
It is our opinion that people who purchase these brands of furniture should also buy a big bottle of Gorilla glue. Carrier: (The Home Depot)

We did it again, just last week we sawzalled another box spring in half to make it fit through a small staircase of a houseboat in Westlake. This time we left the fabric in tact on top and just folded it in half, then it fit. The woman was very happy and we did it all in under a half an hour. She flopped her pillow top mattress over it and laid on it and told us that it was “just fine.” I then suggested putting a full sheet of 1/2″ plywood over the box spring to give it more support, but she insisted that it was “just fine.” In fact we got a nice tip for the job. Amen.

I need a truck rental!

Here are 3 Major Truck Rental Agencies in Seattle for local and nationwide private moving van rental hauling:

Seattle Budget Truck Rentals (206) 706-0853
Seattle U Haul Truck Rentals (206) 285-0860
Seattle Penske Truck Rentals (206) 682-7000
Cheap motel! (North End of Seattle)
Did you say that you were looking for a cheap motel? Try the Comfort Inn on Hwy 99 right off of exit 174 from I-5, then go W. to hwy 99 (Aurora Ave. N). The excellent close by pizza places are Davincis and Stacias. Stacias is the best but Davincis is real good and is open very late. And try Stacia’s chocolate chip cookies. This neighborhood is cheap and a little rough around the edges, not a place to talk to strangers for sure so lock up everything!

Comfort Inn Motel (206) 361-3700/ 1300 Aurora Ave. N. Seattle, WA. 98133
Stacias Pizza (206) 781-0292 both have fantastic pizza
Davincis Pizza (206) 297-2700

American Diner resturant: They are just north of here on hwy 99

moving tips:

1. We always recommend using a lot of rope for loads
2. We like Scotch tear by hand packing tape the best.
3. For local moves it is always better to rent a bigger truck than you need and not too much more expensive
4. load you heavy boxes on the bottom and lighter stuff on top
5. It’s always a good idea to buy plastic mattress covers for newer mattresses. Even ones that you just want to keep very clean.
U Haul has them. Otherwise leave the mattress cover on it because it can always be washed.
6. Don’t pack bottled bleach or detergents, we just had another indecent of some well intended person packing laundry soap
onto an overseas bound container and one two gallon bottle burst. It was sad. Bleach can do real damage.
7. If you are considering taking your pet on a long trip, it may be prudent to consult a veterinarian first.
8. If you are using an ABF cleated ramp, we now know how to cover it with plywood to roll flat piano dolly’s etc. on.
9. We know a family who has a Maersk container, aluminum loading ramp. We could arrange a rental. They are hard to get.
10. The rule of thumb to follow is the more wrapping the better the outcome. Even news paper and masking tape is better
than nothing.
11. What type of rope to buy? 3/8″ inch nylon or fiber rope is best. Try not to buy clothesline. How much? Usually 50′- 100′ ft.
is adequate. More is sometimes needed on longer trucks/trailers respectively.
12. We now recommend that especially for wood furniture that it is better to wrap it up with news paper and masking tape
then not to wrap it at all. You’ll avoid scratches and dinging. Although moving pads and/or stretch wrap are better.
13. Tape all boxes top and bottom. Boxes have a 75 lb. weight limit on average.
14. Save your flat screen TV. boxes and re-use them for packing, they cost more than $20.00 to buy at a moving supply store.
15. If you are just moving onto wood floors for the first time we recommend felt pads for the furniture feet. You can buy them at any major hardware store.

Especially for you newcomers, here is a list of local storage places who we know and like:

Magnolia Bridge Self Storage in Seattle (Popular)
1900 15th Ave W ? Seattle, Washington 98119 ? (206) 286-1900

3116 N.E. 130th St
Seattle, WA 98125

1915 Third Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101

6910 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA 98115

Mercer Island Storage on S. Mercer Island (has truck rentals)
>Storage Court of Mercer Island Self Storage – Mercer Island

* 8501 SE 68th St
* Mercer Island, WA 98040
* 206-905-1800

3116 N.E. 130th St
Seattle, WA 98125

1755 NE 48th Street,
Renton , WA, 98056


13120 SE 30th Street
Bellevue, WA 98005
Bellevue Self Storage

Bellevue Storage in Bellevue

1405 130th Ave. N.E.
Bellevue, WA 98005
Bellevue Self Storage

Public Storage in:
12385 Northup Way,
Bellevue, WA, 98005

15510 NE 90th St,
Redmond , WA, 98052

Public Storage
14525 NE N Woodinville Way
Woodinville, WA 98072
First Month ONLY $1!

Eagle Self Storage
6432 233rd Pl SE
Woodinville, WA 98072
First Month FREE or 25% Discount for Six Months

Money Saver Mini Storage
19011 Woodinville-Snohomish Rd
Woodinville, WA 98072
First Month FREE or 25% Discount for Six Months

Door To Door Storage Mobile Storage
Portable & Mobile Storage Delivered to YOU!
Woodinville, WA
Save Up To 30% Today!

Storage Containers from Mobile Mini Mobile Storage
On-Site Portable Storage Solutions
Woodinville, WA

Big Box Storage Mobile Storage
“Portable Storage Solution”
Woodinville, WA

Peoples Storage
6908 NE 181st St
Kenmore, WA 98028

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